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Becky TurnerThis is Becky. She started Science Me and has far more limbs than are depicted here.

Becky is a long-time writer, short-time cartoonist, and a student of Zoology. She’s also a groomer of dogs, but mainly because she lives with two catastrophically furry sheepdogs who refuse to groom themselves.

Here’s her self portrait. If you want to know what she looks like in real life, visit her LinkedIn profile. Or don’t. Free will is an illusion, did you know?

Pete Casale

This is Pete. Most of his time is spent sleeping or at least using the cognitive bandwidth thereof. His favourite thing is “animals”. His least favourite thing is “not animals”.

Pete is a web designer, musician and martial artist. Witness his design of this site, listen to his instrumental music, and imagine him doing Jiu Jitsu.

Now you know him well!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I re-post your articles on my blog?

We prefer that you link to the original article on Science Me. It’s always nice to get credit for the hours spent hunched over a glowing screen late at night. Unless you’re watching porn, in which case, credit is probably undue.

How can I tell you about my product / website / theory?

This is a hobby for us, and we don’t have much spare time to read emails. However, feel free to post your comments on our official Facebook page and we’ll eventually read it.

What are your favourite shows?

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is a smart show about future tech gone wrong. David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II reminds us that nature is mesmerising. The TED talks provide the bulk of our dietary TV fibre, and cover an insane amount of topics. We squanch Rick and Morty. We could go on?

Maybe later. Why the Amazon links?

It’s a money thing. Designing, developing, writing, drawing and marketing Science Me takes an awful lot of time. One day, we hope to work on it full time. But we’ll only be able to do that if we’re funded. We hope you agree Amazon ads are the most helpful and least intrusive way to achieve this.

Are ghosts real?

Stop being silly.

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