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Becky TurnerOh, hello.

I’m Becky Turner. I started this website and while we’re on the subject, I have far more limbs than are depicted here. Far more. At least four, maybe five. Maybe six! You just don’t know. I could be an octopus. Unless you meet me in person, in my marine habitat, and we go to shake hands, and I slap a limp, wet tentacle into your palm, you just shouldn’t rule anything out. That’s empirical science, guys. Don’t take my word for anything. Or do!

My background is in stock market investment, which I don’t recommend unless you like the idea of countless hours of company research and administration and even then, only marginally improved odds than you’d expect at a casino. These days I’m a writer and a science student. Evolutionary biology makes me foam at the mouth. In a good way, you understand. I can’t think of any scenario where foaming at the mouth is a bad thing, but you never know. Evolutionary science is broad and rich and deep. If you love biology but aren’t sure what to study, check it out. It pulls together the origins of life, genetic and genomic mutation, animal phylogeny, geology and the environment, natural selection, adaptationism, inheritance, population dynamics, species emergence and extinction, bacteria, viruses and all the life you’ve ever seen, ever.

I hope you like Science Me and this website grows to be popular and I won’t have to get an old fashioned job in an office again. If not, I’ll go back to my aquatic cave and rethink how else I’m going to impact the world. I’ll probably have time. I’ll probably end up becoming a robot who lives off-planet, and I’ll look back at this time as an organic Earthling as my days of pure innocence.

If you have the balls to call yourself a professional something-or-other and want to fund the growth of this website or pay me lots of money to write a book, check out my LinkedIn profile. Or don’t. Free will is an illusion. Did you know that?

Pete CasaleThis is a Pete.

I should also declare I am the proud owner of a part-time Pete. He’s a website designer and a student of Psychology and Philosophy. He writes and draws for Science Me and also crushes the dirty digital invasions of the subhuman pond scum who try to fuck up your website just when you get the hang of life. One day I’m going to make him implement a PHP forum here. Don’t tell him though. It’s going to be a Christmas surprise.

Pete is also a musician in his spare time, which I heartily recommend.

Oh look, we have squiggles!

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