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Classical Conditioning is Power

This is our friend Sutton. He doesn't like being poked in the eye. This makes him a prime target for a light experiment in classical conditioning. Let's poke him in the eye. He didn't like that. Look at the way his little eye is twitching and red. It's not...

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Evolution 101: The Family Tree of Animals

All life on Earth is connected. Whether you’re a marine worm or a marmoset, the exact same genetic code proliferates your DNA. Our molecular biology exposes a common ancestry that dates back four billion years, almost as old as the Earth itself. But how can bacteria and bonobos be cousins?

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The Science of BroScience

"Do you even lift, bro?" This is the mating call in BroScience: those who measure their self-worth by the amount of weight they can lift. While there's nothing objectively wrong with gaining validation from physical strength, the dogma of BroScience can be...

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This Is a Bee

Sometimes you just have to draw a loosely scientific diagram of a bee and publish it on the internet without any questions being asked, ok? <a href="#" rel="nofollow" class="et_social_open_all"...

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How to Spot a Hermaphrodite Lobster

It's actually easier than you think. Instead of poking around its sex organs like a lonely fisherman, look for the half-orange, half-black colouring, also known as the split-coloured lobster. Said to occur at a rate of 1-in-50 million, the two-tone...

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