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This Is a Bee

Sometimes you just have to draw a loosely scientific diagram of a bee and publish it on the internet without any questions being asked, ok? <a href="#" rel="nofollow" class="et_social_open_all"...

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Nanomedicine: A Tiny Robot Invasion

Nanomedicine is coming for you. In a good way. Industrial nanotechnology has already been around for a good few years: think self-cleaning paints, water-repellent clothes, glass coatings, engine lubricants, UV protection. In fact, the tiny, invisible world...

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How to Spot a Hermaphrodite Lobster

It's actually easier than you think. Instead of poking around its sex organs like a lonely fisherman, look for the half-orange, half-black colouring, also known as the split-coloured lobster. Said to occur at a rate of 1-in-50 million, the two-tone...

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Charles Darwin Quotes

Charles Darwin was a heavily bearded chap who published the theory of evolution by natural selection. Turns out he had a good few philosophical views too.

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Albert Einstein Quotes

As you very well know, Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist. He developed the general theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. On Einstein's 72nd birthday on 14 March, 1951, photographer Arthur Sasse was trying to...

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Who Built Stonehenge and Why?

Britain is full of ancient monuments. We practically trip over them on our morning stroll to the haberdashers. Medieval castles, Roman baths, Megalithic villages, giant hill figures: the landscape is littered with historic monuments, the most famous of...

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What is Schrodinger’s Cat? And Can I Pet Him?

Don't be a silly sausage, you can't pet Schrodinger's Cat because he isn't real. He's a hypothetical cat in an 80-year-old thought experiment. He was created by Erwin Schrodinger in an attempt to illustrate his objection to quantum uncertainty. But the...

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