How Do Jellyfish Have Sex?

How jellyfish have sex is really alien and unintuitive, at least in the eyes of humans. If they had vocal chords, or brains, or cognitive processing abilities, jellies would argue that they’re an ancient group of animals who mastered sexual reproduction a long time before us, and we’re the ones who are frankly odd-balling it with our penises and vaginas and miserable, painful childbirth.

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Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk

If superheroes were real, Elon Musk would be Science Man. Or Technology Chap. Or Business Acumen Person. Either way, he’s a major force behind our industrial and technological evolution, and that’s why we should all know who he is and what he’s doing. Because he’s literally trying to save the human race.

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Undefined, Defined

Enter any number into a calculator and divide it by zero. What do you get? UNDEFINED. What in the name of Turing’s testicles does your calculator mean by undefined?

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Alien Problems

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Evolution 101

All life on Earth is connected. Whether you’re a marine worm or a marmoset, the same genetic code proliferates your DNA. That’s the basis of Evolution 101.

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