Alien Problems

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Evolution 101

All life on Earth is connected. Whether you’re a marine worm or a marmoset, the same genetic code proliferates your DNA. That’s the basis of Evolution 101.

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Nikola Tesla Quotes

Nikola Tesla is sometimes referred to as the man who invented the 20th century. And why not? It was Tesla who first produced the alternating current, radio waves, x-rays, radar, hydroelectric power and transistors. Unfortunately, due to his apparent lack of commercial sense, plus some ruthless exploitation of his patents by fellow scientists and businessmen, Tesla is the most underrated inventor in history (although in running a $50 billion car company named for him, Elon Musk is somewhat correcting that).

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Atoms 101

The Ancient Greeks gave us the first concept of atoms, and so were not nearly as stupid as they looked, despite draping themselves in bed sheets.

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Profile of a Body-Snatching Parasite

This is the true story of a parasitic flatworm called Curtuteria australis. This mysterious body-snatching organism lives within multiple hosts during its life-cycle. Curtuteria australis, or Curt because it's easier to write, doesn't have an easy life....

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This Is a Bee

Sometimes you just have to draw a loosely scientific diagram of a bee and publish it on the internet without any questions being asked, ok? <a href="#" rel="nofollow" class="et_social_open_all"...

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