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Contact Science MeGood news everyone! We now have email. And by that, I mean we had email all along for the past 18 months but I only just looked up what it is and shared it here on the contact page. It’s almost impressive how long I can delay basic business admin, and yet not really impressive at all because I think we can all agree it’s just a little bit lazy. Hey, I’m only human. Or am I?

You are welcome to contact us if:

  • You love the site and want to give us praise.
  • You hate the site and want to give us criticism.
  • You’re a scientist and want to help us communicate your area of expertise because it’s really cool.
  • You’re an eccentric millionaire and want to fund our growth in 2018.
  • You’re a journalist for an outlet we’ve ever heard of (and understand splitting infinitives is just part of our voice, you know?)

Email: admin[at]scienceme[dot]com **

**Strictly no marketing emails — or 50% of your money back! Just kidding. No money for you! In fact, you hereby agree to pay $2,000 for each unsolicited marketing email from this point forward. And just so you know, we troll email marketers to the point where we hate ourselves and no-one’s having any fun any more. So quit now, and go study evolution.


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