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Good news everyone. We now have email. And by that, I mean we had email access from day one but I only just looked it up and made this contact page. It’s almost impressive how long I can delay basic business admin. “Wait a second,” you say, “that’s not impressive, that’s lazy. And even extreme degrees of laziness don’t suddenly become impressive.” Gosh you clever little sausage, you got me there. Hey, I’m only human. Or am I?

You are welcome to contact me with praise, criticism, and hatemail. Why not make it your personal challenge for this year to combine all three into a single email? Also do get in touch if you’re a scientist and want to help me communicate your area of expertise because it’s really cool and must be cartoonified and shared with the world.

Email: admin[at]scienceme[dot]com **

**Strictly no marketing emails — or 50% of your money back! We troll email marketers to the point where we hate ourselves and no-one’s having any fun any more. So quit now, and go and study science.


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