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So you want to talk science?

This website is a hobby run by two professional amateurs. Yes, you read that right. Read about them here.

As a result, there isn’t much time to handle the mail. Instead, we ask that you discuss all the science at our official Facebook page until such time that we can put a forum in place.

Feel free to give us suggestions for better articles, better science, better jokes, and a better life in general. And, as always, if you enjoy our stuff please do share it. Your support makes life considerably easier and we feel all squishy inside.

If you have a strong desire to contact us directly – say you’re an eccentric billionaire who wants to invest, or a journalist for an outlet we’ve ever heard of, or even if you just want to know the scientific remedy for a jellyfish sting (you won’t like it) – then you might click here*. Strictly no marketing or we will get you good.

*Note to self: put email address here when we actually have one.
**Note to self: this is great, write more notes to self.


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We put a lot of heart and soul* into Science Me, so please share your favourite posts. *There is no evidence for the existence of a soul.