About The Authors

About The Authors

Science Me is a blog run by Rebecca Turner and Pete Casale, a couple of science hoodlums in New Zealand.

About Rebecca (Writer and Editor)

Rebecca is a writer and a biology student - discovering the workings of DNA, animal evolution, natural selection, lifecycles, biogeography, population dynamics, species emergence, extinction, bacteria, viruses and all the life you’ve ever seen ever.

Science Me is her latest website. She also founded World of Lucid Dreaming and Sheltie Planet, reaching an international audience of 4 million visitors per year. Her current goal is to further popularise science in a world increasingly conflicted about truth and knowledge.

If you're a scientist, student, journalist, publisher, eccentric millionaire, or anyone else who wants to help develop and popularise Science Me, you can email Rebecca or connect with her on LinkedIn. Or don't! Free will is an illusion.

Now, apparently, it's good form to have a photo of the author so your readers can gaze lovingly into their eyes. As a special bonus here's Rebecca with one of her famous Shelties, Sir Howard Woofington Moon.

Rebecca Turner

About Pete (Writer and Tech Support)

Pete is a web designer and UX specialist, studying psychology and philosophy. He's particularly keen on political and moral philosophy which will come in handy when he settles the land of Petopia and demonstrates how to run his ideal society.

Pete manages all the technical aspects of Science Me, as well as being a contributing writer and illustrator. You can also listen to his digital music and comedy podcast series Schemey Pete's Scenarios which might just scar you for life.

Pete Casale

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