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Becky Casale is a writer who loves a bit of the ol' science.

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Becky Casale

Hi. Welcome to my blog.

I know what you're thinking. How was Donald Chump ever president? Will we ever see the end of COVID-19? Is reading this the best use of your time? Where are my pants?

I'm largely unqualified to answer your very important questions. But I can offer you science musings such as: Will Teleporters Destroy Your Soul? and No Because We Are Biological Machines and How Do Jellyfish Have Sex? (An inexplicably popular article, you pervs.)

But first, how did we get here today? Here's my story.

I always wanted to be a writer, and I love the "what if" questions posed by science fiction. We are lucky to be born in a time where technology is accelerating at an eye-watering pace and things once considered impossible are now happening. (As I write, long-distance quantum teleportation is in the news, using entangled photons to create a quantum internet.)

But my path to science writing was a rather wriggly one. After leaving school, I fell into stock market admin, because there was an office near my parents' home in England. It was either that or insurance.

My knowledge of stock markets paved the way to working as a stock tipping journalist in London. It was interesting at the time but also deathly stressful and money-oriented. Who knew?

While working in the city, I met a Kiwi named Pete who graciously extracted me from the concrete zoo. We moved to New Zealand in 2007 and I started over as a freelance writer. I did my time writing micro-copy, sales letters, technical reports, and so on.

Then I had an idea.

I started blogging about stuff I found interesting. My first blog was about lucid dreaming, the skill of rousing your conscious awareness during REM sleep, which has the pleasing side-effect of dream control. I'd had lucid dreams since I was 14, and I had lots to write about.

I built five niche blogs over the next five years which exposed my work to millions of website visitors, while helping me refine my style.

Time passed. I wanted to keep moving forward, so I sold my niche blogs and turned my attention to the most compelling subject of all: science. This website emerged (albeit slowly because I had a couple of babies) and here it is today.

The same year I founded Science Me, I started my Bachelor of Science (in Zoology because evolution is breathtaking) with a minor in Creative Writing. In the footsteps of Isaac Asimov—who also studied Zoology but switched to Chemistry when he found out he had to dissect a cat—I've started writing my first science fiction novel too.

Communicating science through storytelling has given me a new world to explore inside my head. I live in and through my characters as they battle with the repercussions of a new technology, with each other, and with themselves as human beings.

That's the path I'm on now. My website is a sandbox to expand my research and scientific thinking, and my novel is a way of telling scientific truth through fiction.

If you enjoy my work, I'm stoked. You may want to subscribe to get emails when new articles are published. It's a win-win-win. Win. You may also be so very kind as to make a donation and help keep this blog ad-free. It's the only way I make any income from Science Me.

Outside of work, I have two hilarious goofball children, Fox (8) and Kea (2). We live in the burbs in north Auckland, where we have a view of a 600-year old volcano (quite the juvenile in geological terms). We feel extremely lucky to have found such a majestic, Hobbitesque lifestyle.

I hope you stick around for more science. To hear about new articles, subscribe via email or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

Best wishes,

Becky (with a Fox clinging to my shoulder)

Becky Casale