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Rebecca Turner – Writer and EditorRebecca Turner, Author

Rebecca Turner is a writer studying for a BSc in Zoology at Massey University. Her studies cover the workings of DNA, evolution, phylogeny, physiology, lifecycles, natural selection, population dynamics, species emergence, species extinction, bacteria, viruses and all the life you’ve ever seen ever. In her spare time she’s the editor, illustrator and chief dogsbody at Science Me.

Science Me is a passion project, teaching diverse scientific concepts to the knowledge-thirsty among us. Over the years Rebecca has developed several content blogs, written hundreds of explainer articles and reached an international audience of 4 million readers per year. If you’re a scientist, journalist, publisher, eccentric millionaire, or anyone else who wants to help develop Science Me, look up Rebecca on LinkedIn or email her with your ideas. Or don’t! Free will is an illusion.

Pete Casale – Web Designer and Writer

Pete Casale, AuthorPete Casale is a web and app designer and a UX specialist, studying for a BSc in Psychology and Philosophy at Massey University. If you thought he was argumentative before, the study of philosophy has only exacerbated things. At least he argues fair, unlike 90% of the human population and, no, you don’t know who you are.

Pete manages all the technical aspects of Science Me, and with his love of logic and learning is also a contributing writer and illustrator. See a list of all Pete’s articles. Being a multi-talented bastard you can also experience his digital music and comedy-slash-philosophy podcast Schemey Pete’s Scenarios which might just scar you for life.

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